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Knock down rebuild projects are a great option for homeowners wanting to stay in the neighbourhood and upgrade their home. Plus, you don’t have to pay stamp duty, or organise a new school for the kids. Knock down rebuilds are also a popular option for investors seeking to capitalise on suburbs predicted to increase in value.

When approaching a knock down rebuild project, we work closely with you and the project architect to create a cost-effective, energy efficient and spacious home that maximises the new property value. Through 20 years of construction experience we understand the best techniques to make the most of your block, and your budget.

Our designs observe the evolving energy efficiency rules through integration of cutting edge technology with specialised interior finishes and water-wise landscapes. If you’re looking to knock down and rebuild, we can custom design your home using our preferred architect, work with your selected provider or you’re welcome to select one of our flexible floor plans.

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